Aug 9, 2014 (Short Poem #2)

Roll the dice
Cuz I’m ready for action
Dun make a mistake 
Cuz I’ll be your distraction.
Let the poker chips fly
While I’m in the room
Oh yes let me be your maid of doom! 
I’ll make you lose your hand
So be careful what you do
Cuz I’ll catch you red handed
With cuffs ready to trap you

Catastrophic Starfreak

There once was a shy girl, lonely in fact. She keeps to herself all the time. In high school she’s ridiculed, so was involved in fights. But outside she’s free to act hyper and crazy. 

In school her favorite subjects are math and history. English and science was the worst. Although studying about the stars was her favorite one of all.
She had a friend who was her partner I crime. Her best friend, brother; who was a soldier at the time. 

(To be continued)


Ever since that night, all I do is think about you. I feel like I’ve been put under a spell that only you can break. I’m lying in my bed imagining you touching me and I get so excited that I can’t stop. What I’m feeling I can’t put into words or sentences. I’m happy, excited, nervous, confused, hurt, and angry. All the emotions that I have pushed aside has found it’s way back. As if it’s Trying to get my attention; trying to tell me what I’ve been missing. I don’t know what to expect or do. I don’t know what conspired between us and the more I try to deny it; the more I try not to craze over it. The more I WANT it. I thought the experience was out of sexual tension. But I’m getting more confused on what this is.


Sometimes I imagined myself in my own universe where I hardly feel any discomfort; but knowing that I imagined that sort of place brings me back to a reality (one that I wish to escape). I feel that I have to be silenced just so unhappiness was nonexistent. That all scars I have gained over the years were nothing but imprints of a past that I have once lived. As of this moment in time that past, I have worked hard to let go is coming back to haunt me. As if it’s trying to rid me of all the happiness that I longed for; as if Destiny herself finds humor in all my heartache and wishes for being me more discomfort. I feel that the whole world is plotting to rid of me because I’m an insect waiting to be exterminated. Why do I feel threatened all the time? Why is it so difficult to retrieve the light that longs for passion, life, love, and partnership. Below my exterior, that’s what I craved for, more then anything