I never thought I can open up the way I opened up to you. You make me smile, as if I’m not afraid of you.

MaMa PenGuin

I don’t always show my “feminine” side, but when I do I love to show off my backside!!!

MaMa PenGuin


I buried my face in the crook of your neck. Memorizing the delicious scent that overtook me. I can feel you’re breath on my cheek as you held me protectively. 
No one was in sight, but I can hear the sounds of an owl nearby. I can feel the beautiful sensations of your fingers brushing against my side. I turned my head, facing towards you and I can see your chocolate eyes stare back into mine. The passion they emitted; the gleam they showed! I couldn’t look away from you. You were like a drug that I couldn’t stray away from.
I lifted myself up, realizing that I was still sitting on your lap. I look around my surroundings and find myself in my brother’s backyard. I looked towards the back porch and I can hear the music from inside the house still playing. You asked me if I was alright and I couldn’t help but smiled. I leaned back into your embrace and buried my head on the crook of your neck, sighing happily. You wrapped your arms around me once again and started singing your favorite song. I giggled and started singing with you. 
Suddenly you stopped and tipped my chin, making me face you. “I love you, and I’m glad you’re here where you belong.” I smiled once again and leaned in. Our lips touched and passion erupted within me. It seems every time we kissed I tasted cinnamon. To me that’s more delicious! ^^’


It’s just another day
Where you light up my way
Did you know that I was broken
I see you here.
Holding my hand;
Was I really dreaming!
I see it now
It’s not another mistake
It is me
And I’m not changing
This is me!
Do you know who I am
I’m not a stranger.
Just a girl
Trying to stand.
This is me! 
Can you hold my hand
I’m not just another girl
Can you understand
That I am who I am!!
You find me sitting here
Contemplating my plan
To move on,
With my dreams on hand.
Sometimes I have to step back
Every year 
It seems the same. 
Seasons change 
But I still know who I am.
It is now or ever
Then I realize my destiny
With you by my side
I can never get cold
We may have changed
But I am who I am
Can you hear me 
Do you see me for who I am


If you haven’t already know me, you should know that I’m the kind of girl who wanted to experience life and have adventure in my own way. I’m not a robot you can control or dictate. I’m a free-spirit at heart. 

In all your time you’ve known me, you tried to mold me into something that you can call your own. Someone who you can fuck every chance you get, your means to escape the real world. Yet, in your own sense I was a burden, I was a child who needed to be looked after. To you, I whine and complain about everything. My little perks and funny obsessions, you find to be annoying. To you I play these mind-games as you put it. 

A truly strong person doesn’t need the approval of others anymore than a lion needs the approval of sheep.