I tried to listen/but all I can hear is nothing/there’s silence in the air/suddenly your face appears/

(Refrain) How can I hold on to you/ like I was fighting a battle/ scars are left behind/ tears are falling down like a rainy shower/

A moment, a feeling comes around/ and I feel dead inside/ no truth coming out/ yet I’m here to hold on

Lost and a confused now more then ever/ I have no one to turn to/ just a shadow breaking down/

I can’t feel the sun shining down/ because it’s so dark/ my soul is no longer alive/ where can I find you/

I can’t take it anymore/ my heart is dying/ as if it’s frozen in time/ love isn’t coming/ because you’re not here to connect our hearts together

Sometimes I wish I can go back in time and tell you that I was sorry. I thought I never regretted letting you go. 7 years has gone by and I wished I never had made that choice.

Mama Penguin

How can I express my feelings towards you when all I I can do is freeze on the spot?

Mama Penguin

If it’s real love, it will happen. Don’t rush into something that you think will bring you peacefulness, because you’ll might get regrets later on.

Mama Penguin